Stop and Search

Stop and Search

The use of ‘Stop and Search’ is an important tool used by police officers to confirm whether a person is in possession of an item that is considered prohibited or other items such as stolen goods. Police officers may ask you questions without the need to physically search you or arrest a person. If you are stopped it does not mean that you have been arrested or have done anything wrong. There are some thing which you must do.

Stop and search feedback

If you have been stopped and searched by Staffordshire Police, the Staffordshire Commissioner, who is independent of the police, would like your feedback on how the search was conducted.

You can also make a complaint or ask to be contacted by the Staffordshire Commissioner’s office to discuss your concerns further. Your feedback is of value and will help to develop the service we provide to all our community.

Staffordshire’s Commissioner has a statutory responsibility to monitor and hold Staffordshire Police to account.

Please give feedback on your stop and search experience here