Police, Fire and Crime Panel

The work of the Commissioner will be scrutinised by a Police, Fire & Crime Panel (PFCP) made up of ten local councillors (one from each of the main councils in the Force area), together with two independent ‘co-opted’ members.

They will have the ability to review the decisions made by the Commissioner and have the opportunity to question the Commissioner and the Chief Constable.

More importantly, they will have the power of veto over the precept decision made by the Commissioner, the choice of a new Chief Constable, and will also be required to review the Police, Fire & Crime Plan before it is published.

The PFCP will meet at least quarterly, supported by the County Council.  These meetings will be open to the public and the press.

The PFCP may hold other events such as public accountability sessions with the Commissioner at venues around the Force area.

The link between the Commissioner and PFCP will be through the Staffordshire Commissioner’s Office.

For further information on the PFCP, please see the below link:

Staffordshire Police, Fire and Crime panel – Staffordshire County Council

Police, Fire and Crime Panel Files