Anti-Social Behaviour

If anti-social behaviour (ASB) is affecting your quality of life, or making you fear for your
safety or the safety of others, there are people who can help.

You can contact Staffordshire Police, your Local Authority or, if relevant, your housing provider.

Police, councils, housing associations and other partners all have an interest in reducing
ASB, as where these problems are repeated, residents can feel unsafe in their own
neighbourhoods. Partners work together through Community Safety Partnerships. To
strengthen these partnerships, the Commissioner committed nearly £1m a year for three
years with the aim of reducing ASB through community action.

ASB is an incident that falls short of a crime, where the behaviour of an individual or group
causes or is likely to cause:

  • harassment, alarm or distress to any person, not of the same household
  • another party to feel personally threatened
  • a public nuisance or detrimental impact upon the environment
  • a detrimental effect upon the quality of life of an individual or the community as a

Anti-Social Behaviour Files