Staffordshire Commissioner announces new Police base for Stone

Staffordshire Commissioner Ben Adams has announced a new Police base for Stone, which will see Police officers working out of the existing fire station building.

As part of a commitment to closer working between Police and Fire, a specially-equipped room in the fire station will act as a base in the heart of the community, which Police officers and PSCOs patrolling the area can use during their shift.

Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire & Rescue and Crime Ben Adams said: “The Stone Police base will be part of Staffordshire Police’s local policing model, with more officers based in our communities with the local knowledge and contacts to deal with the issues that matter to people.

“Making the most effective use of Stone’s modern, purpose-built facilities not only makes operational sense, allowing the two emergency services to work more closely together locally, but also makes the best use of resources and therefore public money.”

Chief Inspector Giles Parsons, from the Stafford local policing team, said: “Having a base in Stone with our colleagues at Staffordshire Fire & Rescue Service will allow us to deploy directly into the town centre quickly, increase visibility and work more collaboratively with local emergency services.

“It’s important that we continue to tackle the needs of residents, businesses and people in the local community by finding effective ways of partnership working across all of the blue-light services.

“Police officers and firefighters often attend the same incidents, so it makes sense for us to share resources and continue to build practical and effective relationships with our colleagues.”

Station Manager Liam Hickey, from Stone community fire station, said: “We’re constantly looking at ways we can tackle both operational and financial challenges with our partners and this is an example of that.

“Delivering the best possible service to local communities requires a close collaboration between emergency services. This initiative is going to help us strengthen relationships, share resources and work more closely with our policing colleagues to assist with the needs of the local community as effectively as possible.”

Similar arrangements have recently been introduced at Penkridge and Kinver. Kidsgrove and Uttoxeter are also being progressed, as announced at the recent Fire Public Performance Meeting.

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