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New campaign urges bikers to ‘Think SAFE, ride SAFE’

Motorbikes make up just 1% of road traffic*, but around a third of fatal collisions in Staffordshire last year involved a motorbike – which is why the Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership (SSRP) is launching a ‘Think SAFE, ride SAFE’ campaign to remind bikers of what they can do to keep themselves safe on the roads.

The campaign will run across social media during National Motorcycle Safety Week (3-9 June). It is aimed at the families and friends of young bikers aged 16-24 (the most common age for collisions involving motorbikes 125cc and under), and the families and friends of bikers riding larger motorbikes.

Staffordshire Commissioner for Police, Fire & Rescue and Crime Ben Adams is Chair of the SSRP. He said: “Too many people are killed or seriously injured on our roads each year, and bikers are among the most vulnerable road users.

“This campaign encourages bikers to take a few simple steps to help keep themselves safe. While it is mainly aimed at bikers and their friends and families, hopefully it will also serve as a reminder to drivers and pedestrians to watch out for motorbikes during their journey.”

Bikers are around 52 times more likely to be killed in a collision than car occupants per mile ridden*, and the campaign raises awareness of the main causes of motorbike collisions and how to protect yourself from them:

  • Speed: excessive speed, and failing to judge the speed of other road users, are among the top contributory factors for all motorbike collisions. If you know a young person who has just purchased their first motorbike, remind them to stick to the speed limit and ride SAFE
  • Awareness: the summer months often see an increase in riding in pairs or groups, which can be dangerous if bikers don’t pay attention to each other and the road
  • Failure to look: bikers are some of the most vulnerable road users as drivers often can’t see them. All road users should think SAFE and always be aware of what is behind and to the side of them before manoeuvring
  • Education: the SSRP and its partners provide courses for motorcyclists to develop their skills and improve their safety on the roads. If you know a young person at the start of their biking journey, or a more experienced rider who would benefit from some extra training, encourage them to find out what’s available.


*Road traffic estimates in Great Britain, 2023: Traffic in Great Britain by vehicle type – GOV.UK (

**Motorcycling – THINK!

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