Victims and Witnesses

Victims and Witnesses

Integrated support for victims and witnesses of crime
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Victims and Witness Services

Being a victim of crime can be truly damaging and have a lasting impact on feelings of safety and well-being.

This is not only about the incident itself, but all too often the complexity, fragmented nature and quality of the services that the victim and their families can access, has an effect.

The experience of courts and criminal justice systems can sometimes be non-user friendly, and can be as taxing and traumatic as the original incident.

Criminal Justice agencies and support services need to improve the experience and quality of services that support victims and witnesses. The “system” must fit the needs of individuals, ensuring victims, witnesses and their families are supported in a way that recognises their individual circumstances, provides respect and empathy and places them at the very heart of all criminal justice processes.

As such, our Victim and Witness Plan seeks to:

  • Ensure victims and witnesses have access to prompt and appropriate support (for example victim gateway, domestic abuse services, sexual abuse services, female genital mutilation services, business crime advisors)
  • Help victims to cope and recover
  • Work with criminal justice agencies to improve their response
  • Develop restorative justice options for victims and offenders to consider, in appropriate circumstances