Managing Offenders

Managing Offenders

Preventing offending in the first place and reducing the likelihood of re-offending.

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Managing Offenders

Offending in Staffordshire costs around £250 million a year, creates victims, damages communities and wastes potential.

As mentioned in the Early Intervention section of the web site, intervening early is critical to help stop people becoming involved in offending and will play an important part in helping to prevent them re-offending.

Also, dealing with people involved in minor offences and anti-social behaviour effectively, without a court appearance, and ensuring that services are in place to enable individuals with mental health conditions and other vulnerabilities to be diverted away from unnecessary contact with the criminal justice system and into appropriate support will help to deal with people at an early stage and outside of the criminal justice system, in order to avoid unnecessary court proceedings and problems escalating.

Those breaking the law must be appropriately punished by the criminal justice system whilst being given the appropriate support and encouragement to move on and to avoid reoffending in the future.

As such, our Managing Offenders Plan seeks to:

Prevent offending happening by delivering early intervention activities such as targeted education for children and young people vulnerable to becoming involved in crime and anti-social behaviour and by opening up access to positive activities and opportunities such as positive activities such as Space

Divert people involved in minor offences away from unnecessary contact with the criminal justice system through triage processes for young people and the use of out of court disposals and through developing liaison and diversion schemes for those coming into contact with criminal justice agencies with vulnerabilities

Ensure effective delivery of custodial and community sentences to ensure that those convicted of offences are held to account for their actions

Improve the availability of accommodation, employment, substance misuse, mental health and other key rehabilitation and resettlement support services to help those who are motivated to change to reintegrate successfully into the community and to achieve stable lifestyles away from crime