Public Confidence

Public Confidence

Making sure everything that happens contributes to individuals and communities feeling safer and reassured.
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Public Confidence

This priority focuses on ensuring that the people of Staffordshire are better informed and involved in how policing and community safety arrangements are delivered, helping thereby to increase public confidence and reduce the fear of crime.

A responsive, public facing and visible police force which recognises the diverse needs of our communities is at the very heart of the Commissioner’s priorities.

Public access to services needs to be built around a number of flexible communication channels, including face to face, emergency and non-emergency telephone responses, digital channels including websites and social media and others as required.

All of the activities in this strategy, as well as the Commissioners ongoing focus to minimise bureaucracy and modernise services and approaches, are concentrated on one clear underpinning goal – freeing up more time where it matters – for front line activity, getting officers out into communities, rather than being stuck behind desks.

Public Confidence is also about trust and having a police service that is open and transparent where policing at every level can be examined and scrutinised to help improve reassurance and the service to communities.

The Commissioner will continue to spend time listening and understanding what really matters to people in communities to help shape services, information and solutions.