Planning, Resilience and Response

Planning, Resilience and Response

We will use our resources efficiently, and plan for the development of the services we deliver based on information and knowledge.

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Planning, Resilience and Response

Our approach will be refined to ensure that we send the right resources to incidents based on demand, and we will develop intelligence so that we can plan the delivery of the most effective services to the people who need them the most.

The services we deliver will be evaluated so that we can reduce the impact on our communities. We will continue to invest in innovative approaches to prevention activities in order to improve outcomes for residents and reduce the response demand on the Service.

Our activities will be developed to compliment the priorities of our partner
organisations, in order to deliver an efficient and joined up service to the community.
Investment will be made in the right activities in order to reduce the demand faced by the Service and other public bodies as this is an effective approach to action planning.

We will develop and understand what works best by utilising evaluation techniques and processes which will be vital to moving forward as a Service. Financial efficiencies can be achieved by reducing demand and cutting unnecessary emergency responses which will in turn help us to ensure that standards of response and the safety of firefighters are maintained. The Service has a continued commitment to risk based inspections, developing partnerships to share information and advice, ensuring risk information is
available to operational crews in the event of an incident.

The Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP), established by central Government, has been embraced by the Service who has been at the forefront in the programme at a regional level. The programme provides working principles and seeks to
enable the Emergency Services and wider responders to work together, saving lives and reducing harm at all incidents. To measure the effect of JESIP, Joint Organisational Learning ensures that the emergency services and wider responders through Local Resilience Forums can capture learning that may impact on the Joint Emergency Service Interoperability Principles.

Through CFOA National Resilience, we continue to play a key role in support of the national agenda, providing specialist capabilities to large scale incidents that have
occurred across the country in recent years. Through our commitment to learning and operational assurance, we will continue to work with and learn from our colleagues in other Fire and Rescue Services to improve our operational response to incidents.

Through innovation and greater collaboration, we will invest in people, training, appliances and equipment to ensure the provision of the most efficient response options to our communities.

What will we achieve during this plan

  • We will continually improve the safety of firefighters and safety of the community.
  • We will continue to develop our response options which will look at opportunities to develop new equipment and technology.
  • We will ensure we provide firefighters with the most up to date equipment and safe systems of work in order to underpin the premise of improving firefighter safety.
  • We will collaborate with Fire Services nationally in support of single research and development hub, which will remove duplication and a broader sharing of knowledge.
  • We will evaluate what we deliver so that we can understand what works best and deliver value for money service to the community.
  • We will reduce response demand by investing in the right prevention activity and removing unnecessary responses to incidents.
  • We will ensure that we work with partner organisations to share capabilities and equipment to improve the outcomes for our communities.
  • We will ensure there is an appropriate level of operational resources to deal with risk and demand locally, regionally, and nationally, ensuring our standards of response and service delivery alongside other emergency services and partners.
  • We will continue to be an advocate for principles of JESIP with a multi-agency training culture embedded into the Local Resilience Forum.
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