Community Safety and Wellbeing

Community Safety and Wellbeing

We will develop innovative prevention services to ensure we can deliver the right activities to the people who we prioritise within our communities. The Service will work with partners to enable us to deliver a range of services and improved outcomes, which will ensure safety and wellbeing for the communities of Staffordshire.

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Community Safety and Wellbeing

The Service will use opportunities to develop the prevention activities that we deliver to make them more innovative and focussed. Knowledge and intelligence will be used so that we can understand how this should be done. The Service continues to support national work around the built environment, along with the national work being undertaken to support the health agenda and accident prevention.

Working with other Fire and Rescue Services, partners and stakeholders supports an integrated approach to providing services and education that are fundamental to delivering high-quality care to people who may be vulnerable to the risks from fire.

These are the same risk factors for people’s health and wellbeing and therefore it is in the interest of the Service to utilise its brand, assets and workforce to deal with the underlying cause and effect of public health issues which will also reduce the vulnerability to the risk of fire. Home Fire Risk Check visits will be developed into Safe and Well visits in order to incorporate a broader range of wellbeing issues and focus on the people who need them the most. The person-centred approach to the delivery of Safe and Well visits will enable us to make a positive difference to people’s health and wellbeing as well as safety from fire, by making interventions during the visit or bringing in other agencies as appropriate.

The programme to implement sprinklers into high rise residential blocks will help ensure better safety outcomes for residents of these dwellings and the safety of firefighters for whom fires pose additional risks where they occur in these buildings. This will be done through our ambitious and innovative Community Sprinkler Project. In addition to this we will make residents more resilient to the risks they face by ensuring that self-help advice is available for those who want it and are able to access and use it.

Partnerships will be utilised to develop joined up working to deliver better outcomes for the community, sharing data to identify which people need services the most and prioritise them. This will provide a more holistic approach to enabling a safe and well community. We will evaluate the outcomes of partnership working, as with other areas of delivery, so that we can establish the effectiveness of our prevention work and report this back to the public.

We will develop commercial links with partners and businesses so that the skills and expertise in the organisation can be utilised to enhance the safety and wellbeing of the community, with the funds raised from this used to secure prevention and wellbeing delivery.

What will we achieve during this plan

  • We will use information to identify the people most at risk in our community & support to maintain their health, wellbeing and keep them safe in their homes.
  • We will continue to develop our intelligence to enable us to focus on the individuals and communities within Staffordshire who need us most.
  • We will deliver a different approach tailored to individual needs.
  • We will develop Safe and Well visits to improve people’s health and wellbeing, as well as their risk from fire.
  • We will work with social housing providers and other partners to fit sprinkler systems into buildings which pose higher risk to residents and firefighters should a fire occur.
  • We will evaluate the activities we deliver and understand what outcomes are achieved for the community.
  • We will share data and work with partners to deliver more joined up services and enhanced wellbeing outcomes for the community.
  • We will collaborate with other agencies and identify efficiencies in services which can be jointly delivered whilst ensuring the quality of our delivery is maintained.
  • We will evaluate collaboration and partnership working, considering both the impact on the Service and its brand/reputation and the effect on the quality and range of prevention work that can be delivered.
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